Wedding in Italy: the Frasassi Caves

Wedding in Italy Grotte di Frasassi

Enchanting, Unique and Magic

Yes I Will !!

Your wedding in the most amazing, unexpected, wondrous place worldwide. An exclusive privilege, a thrilling emotion that will make your ceremony unique and iconic. A breathtaking and romantic environment, an unrepeatable charm, a purely magical atmosphere, unforgettable in your life, your guests will be delighted, amazed, incredibly excited about this fairytale location and for how we can make it even more fantastic.
Your “Yes, I Will ” in the Frasassi Caves: pure poetry, eternal beauty, perennial memory..

You would love to, but you think it is impossible to celebrate your wedding in Italy Why renounce a unique, fascinating, amazing emotion? We suggest a wonderful idea for an unforgettable experience in the charming location of the Frasassi Caves. Have you always wanted to surprise her, have you always wanted to ask her to marry you in an unexpected place? Contact us, we will organize an amazing trip to Italy for you, alone or with your dearest friends. Rich full days, fabulous scenery, history, art, culture, fantastic food; we will help you live a fascinating experience of the Italian style of excellence and as if by magic, the ‘grand finale’, we will create the surprise of…

Marriage Proposal

An amazing, stunning surprise

Will You Marry Me?!!

Will you marry me ? Your wedding proposal merits an exceptional setting! Ask to marry you in the unique atmosphere of the Frasassi Caves: an absolutely original, unimaginable, surprising, astonishing, pure emotion and absolute amazement: the wonderful beginning of a fascinating love story.