The Beginning

White Dream: Amazing and Lovely Fairytale

DAVID FIELDEN, one of the most internationally prestigious bridal designers, programmed his first “trunk show” in Italy in 2015. Mr Pier Luigi Santarelli, art director and his producer for about 20 years, set out to find a fascinating, truly wonderful and unexpected location for the event. The decision to host the event in the Marche region was made in collaboration with Simone Micheletti, owner of the Bouganville boutique in Fabriano and exclusive dealer for the bridal collection of the London stylist. He believed that the most exclusive, fascinating and surprising place was the Frasassi Caves. Consequently, a meeting with the regional authorities gave light to a special project:
WHITE DREAM: The Marche Region welcoming David Fielden to the most unique location in the world: The Frasassi Caves The Frasassi caves association, the Municipality of Genga, and the “Local Tourist Board ” of Genga adopted this proposal rendering it logistically possible. Therefore creating an extremely charming and poetic event; a hymn to nature, beauty, harmony, and creativity: the drip water, a feature of these “living” caves, becomes the sound of a harp and then the music from a violin, a soprano singing, notes that appear mysteriously in the dark then disappear to suddenly and unexpectedly melt together with an ensemble of lights creating an amazing and spectacular experience such as the awakening of nature: “It is an explosion of colours, a hymn to joyfulness, a hymn to life with giant butterflies flying in the vast spaces of the Ancona abyss. And…

pictures taken from the video:

“ WHITE DREAM: The Marche Region welcoming David Fielden to the most unique location in the world “

… like in every life … there is love so the atmosphere declines romantically in an enchanted blue dream; a melody of sounds and voices wraps itself around that underground world, now a boundless space where brides appear framed by the wonderful Salt of the hypogeum. An exciting and amazing portrait where the embroidery of nature and the embroidery of fashion create a hedonistic vision of suggestive and rare beauty and exclusivity. The emotions do not end though, indeed they sublimate into wondrous shivers when, from nowhere (240 metres above where you find the tunnel that led to the discovery of the the Frasassi caves) , an angel descends from where it all began for it then to stop suspended near the “Giants” while the violins, the harp, the soloist, the brides, and the concert of lights creates an overwhelming, passionate, unexpected ending:

a fascinating romantic fairytale dedicated to love.

The amazement, the consensus, the spectacularity, the magic of that evening and the interpretation of the Frasassi Caves as an immense natural stage so full of suggestion, gave rise to the project:


The amazing hypogeum of weddings and events of excellence is opening to the world

Year 2015 – Event “WHITE DREAM: The Marche Region welcoming David Fielden”, Final farewell

From the left: Mr David Fielden, General Filiberto Cecchi, Mrs Paola Giorgi the councillor of the Marche Region, Mr Giuseppe Medardoni Mayor of Genga, Mr Simone Micheletti

Mr David Fielden and Mrs Paola Giorgi the councillor of the Marche Region

Mr Simone Micheletti and Mr David Fielden

General Filiberto Cecchi President of the Frasassi association, and Mr David Fielden