The Frasassi Caves

Stunning and Wonderful

In the heart of Italy, in the Marche Region, in the province of Ancona, in the municipality of Genga, the Frasassi Caves are such an extraordinary creation and are unique worldwide; a surprisingly living hypogeum, breathtaking beauty, a path of absolute marvels between incomparable scenarios, fascinating suggestions and the thrill of emotions: the Ancona abyss, 180 metres in length, 110 meters wide and 240 meters high ( so huge it can contain the Cathedral of Milan ) in the centre of which stand the "Giants"; impressive stalagmites up to 20 meters high; the “200 Room” with the Niagara Falls, an enchanting flow the of whitest crystals, the obelisk; a sumptuous and dominant stalagmite of about 15 meters, the romantic and enchanting Room of candles, the Grand Canyon, the White Room, the Bear Room, to the amazing Infinite Hall. Considered among the largest hypogeum complex in Europe, the Frasassi Caves cover about 30 kilometers and are open to the public for 1.5 kilometers. A continual becoming of immense and large spaces connected to each other with paths that embrace the visitor in a magical and sublime afflatus: a splendid Rossini crescendo to live the exaltation of nature and its absolute creative harmony.