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The press conference led to the collaboration between the Frasassi Caves association and Pier Luigi Santarelli’s Fashion Service with the mission of promoting the beautiful hypogeum complex in the world of weddings and events, what a surprising and unique location for weddings of civil ceremonies and important events and the exclusive assignment of the management of these initiatives.

Frasassi Caves: Ancona Abyss
Press Conference: Weddings and Events The Frasassi the Caves

Mr Giuseppe Medardoni – Mayor of Genga

Dr. Riccardo Strano – Vice President the Frasassi association

Mr Pier Luigi Santarelli – Fashion Service


From February 14th 2018

The Frasassi Caves open their doors to Weddings and Events. An international project, presented at a press conference held by the mayor of Genga Mr Giuseppe Medardoni, the Vice President of the Frasassi Caves association , Riccardo Strano and Pier Luigi Santarelli, owner of the Fashion Service, a European company for communication and event strategies. In recent years the “Wedding Destination” phenomenon has been emerging In Italy; a new form of tourism, currently a niche for the higher status clientele, which through ‘weddings’ finds a quality destination or an exclusive and fascinating location that not only becomes the physical place to celebrate a marriage in a unique and original context, but also a time when the bride and groom and their guests enjoy an unrepeatable experience of discovering environmental, cultural, artistic, and gastronomical values of certain territories. Analysts have not missed the fact that, even during the difficult times of tourism in recent years in Italy, wedding tourism is constantly growing thanks to the strong appeal of our country in the world. Italy, is one of the most sought-after wedding destinations: many foreigners choose to marry in our country because of its charm, its historical and cultural richness, its gastronomy, its exclusive, unique, beloved, admired “ Italian touch “ . This is the reason why Marche, like other regions, has identified Weddings as a resource for the regional tourism economy and has included it as a product like the more traditional products such as the sea, the mountains, parks , culture, spirituality. In the three-year Regional Tourism Promotion Plan 2016/2018, the ‘wedding product’ is specifically cited as a potential resource for Marche tourism. This is a niche, claims the quoted document, with a strong interest in involvement in the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises and crafts from catering to receptivity, photography and images to services to the person, from travel arrangements to the preparation of a location. It is from this context that the choice, to select the Frasassi Caves as the “fairytale” destination to organize a wedding and events in a charming, wonderful, unique setting, has been made. The proposal does not only promote and add value to the Caves in a specialized sector and of considerable commercial impact at national and international level, but it also promotes the area’s economy by opening up new forms of collaboration with the Frasassi association and with local businesses through their competence and professionalism, to exploit the new opportunities offered. In addition to the wedding, the Fashion Service intends to organize important events within the Caves. The wedding ceremonies and events (conventions, meetings, etc.) will take place after the closing times of the Frasassi Caves, maximum number 200.



art director-producer


After graduating high school, he joined the European Free University where, in 1982, he discussed his final thesis in: Television Production. He started working in the fashion industry by collaborating with fashion designers of Alta Moda Romana and with qualified boutiques both for defining communication strategies as well as for the implementation and management of parades and events. Since 1988, he began collaborating with production companies to identify communication strategies, product defining, parade and event management. In 1994 he founded the Fashion Service, which also includes the activities of designing Parades and Events making productions for Milano Moda Donna, Milan Fashion Menswear, SposaItalia, Television Events.


Simone Micheletti, left, with David Fielden.

logistic and organization director


The origins of the Micheletti family are in Genga, where today they are still very present, busy and active. Simone Micheletti has always been keen on nature and proud of the beauty of his home territory. He now directs his own company operating in the textile sector, and in 1998 he set up ‘BOUNGANVILLE’: a boutique specializing in ceremony and wedding dresses. An innovative concept: a refined space, a designer interior , a contemporary atelier dedicated to the most prestigious Italian and international designers, embellished with the constant search of exclusive clothing and emerging designers to reach only one goal: beauty and excellence.